About us

At NAABB, all of our brokers work every day because they want to get their Construction seller clients to closing. This is a very detail orientated process and all NAABB Certified Brokers bring structure and discipline to every project. NAABB Certified Brokers don't "list" Construction businesses rather they represent them! Without NAABB expertise, Construction business sellers don't understand the importance of confidentiality, buyer qualification or buyer financing. Construction business sellers do not know where to find and target buyers nor navigate the difficult mine field before closing. We earn of fee by getting our sellers to closing! .


We specialize in the confidential sale of existing Construction businesses to qualified Construction business buyers.


Confidentiality is assured before - during - after the sale by non disclosure of your Construction business.

1-on-1 Relationship

We work closely with our Construction sellers making you an integral part of the sale of your Construction business.

NAABB Certification

All of our NAABB Certified Brokers are fully trained and supported in properly selling a Construction business.

The Buyers

We know where to find Construction business buyers then we qualifiy them and we may be able to finance them too.

High Success Rate

We have a nearly 100% success rate selling Construction businesses because we know the right process to get them closed.

FREE Analysis

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No Pressure guarantee. The free analysis will help us both determine if we are a good fit. We are selective as we are sure that you are as well.

And since we only get paid on success, it only makes sense for our brokers to only take on projects that they feel strongly that they can sell.

Scott Radin

NAABB President

All of our NAABB Certified Brokers .have a stringent code of ethics that not only must they follow. Our corporate team consists of Kathy and I along with a strong group of NAABB advisors whom are also NAABB Certified Brokers.

All NAABB Certified Brokers utilize the industry's top support system that allows them to achieve any goal they set. Our team also includes a dedicated social media director handling broker platforms and an I.T. manager who overseas everything internet related.

Kathy Schmeltzer

NAABB Vice President

120+ NAABB Certified
Brokers and Agents

As the industry's largest independent business broker network, we have the reach that all others do not have. We have over 250 resources / networks from which we target qualified buyers aling with a massive network of over 14,000 current and former professional football players always seeking opportuities.